Commemorate the Centenary of World War One at your school or event 

This is an opportunity to bring WWI to life for the children at your school or event and help your them understand 
why we remember, with an interactive and engaging show that takes the children on a journey of understanding from 
how the conflict started and the euphoria at the outbreak of the war, conscription, onto life in the trenches, and the 
experience of the Tommy and how the conflict changed our world and our communities.



The WWI show is immersive through getting children involved with costumes, props, and the
narrative of the story with songs, music, and effects to help them imagine what it was like to be
a soldier in the trenches. The show balances a fun, energetic and engaging approach with an
appropriate respect and sensitivity for the subject.

To commemorate the Centenary at your school or event or for further information- / 07792 867605


All photos by Adam Hollingworth Photography -