'It is not only drama and confidence you have taught, but from what my daughter says you
have given so much more to them and have always been there to listen.'

 'She has loved going to every lesson, and flourished in drama and public speaking after
your amazing teachings, encouragement, guidance, support and belief in her.'

'Thank you for helping to make a great difference to my son, with all your patience, creativity and love.
He has achieved alot this year, and started off on the right foot by having you as his teacher.'

'We, and she, wouldn't hesitate to recommend anyone taking up private lessons with Marcus.'                  

'They have blossomed under your guidance and loved every minute of it!'


'I have developed my acting skills to another level with you, thank you for being a great teacher.'

'Lessons with Marcus help you develop great skills in communicating with an audience or
people in general and master the art of storytelling through acting and presentation.'

'I have learnt so much from you as you have been an excellent teacher. Thank you for everything you
have taught me. I have enjoyed lesson with you so much and is an experience I will always treasure.'

'If you asked her she would say it is the best part of her week at school.'

'My son is really enjoying his lessons and is totally enthused and inspired by them.'


'Thank you for helping me with preparation for the interview. I was much more prepared
and that is what
helped me get the apprenticeship.'

'It has been a tremendous help with our daughter's confidence in her approach to so many aspects of school life.'

'Lessons are packed with humour and interesting communication as well as an easy way of learning.'

'I have gained more confidence and knowledge on how to approach pieces
of drama looking at them from different perspectives.'

'My daughter really enjoys her lessons and they have helped to build her confidence.
exam results have been outstanding.'


'I have managed to get rid of that fear and learned a huge variety of skills such as; how to
engage the audience; how to communicate what I am trying to say in the best way possible.'

'Lessons have helped me improve my presenting technique; increased my confidence

while presenting, but this has also increased my confidence in my social life."

'Her teachers have also noticed an improvement in her public speaking
skills and she is more confident in giving presentations.'

'They have gained more confidence generally; within themselves and in performing in front of an audience.'

'Lessons have also developed my love for acting and obviously increased my
acting ability, and given me hopes of pursuing Drama at university.'

'Lessons with you have been invaluable in helping her to develop
into the confident and talented individual she is today. Thank you.'