Discover a wonderful world of tales, myths and legends with our fabulous story shows!
Engaging and entertaining, covering a wide range of genres, these shows will encourage
interest in stories and reading as well as supporting your literacy curriculum and project work.
Full of participation, energy, fun, laughter and of course...heroes and villains!


The Jungle Book
Recommended age - Yr1+


The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
Recommended age - Yr2+


King Arthur
& the Knights
of the Round Table
Recommended age - Yr2+


The Legend of Robin Hoo
Recommended age - Yr2+


ocks & the Three Bears

and Jack & the Beanstalk
Recommended age - Reception+ 


Thor's Hammer
A Viking myth
Recommended age - Yr2+

Perseus and the Gorgon
An Ancient Greek Myth
Recommended age - KS2



St George & the Drag
Recommended age - Yr1+


     Alice in Wonderland
                           Recommended age - Yr2+

Treasure Island
Recommended age YR2+

Anansi the Spider
A traditional tale from Nigeri
Recommended age Reception +

Romulus and Remus
.A myth of Ancient Rome 
Recommended age KS2


The Ramayana

A legendary tale from India
Recommended age Yr2+