'The funniest day of my life!'

on the Saxons workshop - YR4 pupil - Otford Primary School, Kent 


'Excellent! Humourous & informative.

Children engaged throughout.'

on the Vikings Workshop Janet Clarke - Kingslea Primary School, Horsham

'We all loved it!
A great introduction to the topic with

very good interaction and excellent engagement.'

on the Early Britons Workshop Gemma Harman - Lindfield Primary School, West Sussex

'Super! Interactive and enjoyable.
Great topics covered and children really engaged and enjoyed it.'
on the Mayans Workshop - Claudia Harner - Slinfold Primary School, West Sussex

Vikings School Workshop Sussex

'Hats off to anyone who can keep sixty YR2 children enthralled

for an hour, but to make them laugh so much as well, and
hanging on your every word, was impressive to say the least!'

on the Samuel Pepys and Great Fire workshop - Anne Wilson - Sevenoaks Primary School, Kent

'Absolutely fantastic!
The involvement with the children was superb!
This show is something pupils and staff will be talking about for a while!
The costumes, pace and settings were excellent!'

on the Anglo-Saxons workshop- Olivia Southernwood - Orchards Middle School, West Sussex

'Never failed to be anything less than excellent.
The children loved it (and adults!)

The show was funny, informative and interactive, crammed
with facts and appealing to all the children.'

on the Early Britons workshop - Jane Chandler - St Joseph the Worker School, Essex

''Loved it! Would highly recommend!
Great content, humorous, and kept all the children's attention (13/48 on special needs register). Great pace, involved loads of children - very interactive.'

on the Ancient Egyptians Workshop - Wheatley Primary School, Oxfordshire

'Excellent! Perfectly pitched & all children completely engaged
for the entire show. Interactive, lots of factual information, good props and structure.'

on the Knights & Castles and Vikings workshops - Liz Cousins - Warden Park Primary Academy, East Sussex


Romans School Workshop Sussex

'Presented superbly. Wonderful!

The pupils loved the interactive nature of the air raid shelter & great enjoyment from the dancing and singing. Very good, appropriate, interesting and relevant.'

on the WWII workshop - Leighanne Wheawall - Sevenoaks Primary School, Kent

'Totally engaging!
Loved the interaction with the audience & participation.

Children's attention held all the time. A brilliant way to start the topic.'

on the Samuel Pepys and the Great Fire workshop - Ann Hamblett - Horsted Infants School, Kent

'Highly original!
Suited for many learning styles.

Educational, and the interaction with and involvement of children was great.
Good delivery of historical content. Engaged pupils across the whole year group.'

on the Ancient Greeks workshop- Michael Clohesy - Wildground Junior School

'Fun and stimulating! It brought the whole topic alive!
The children were thoroughly engaged. Excellent.'

on the Samuel Pepys and the Great Fire workshop- Hannah Perkins - Stoke Park Infants School, Hampshire

Knights School Workshop Sussex

'Super! Perfect for reception children.

I was surprised that they sat still for so long!
Children dressing up was great, & all children were involved in making voices.

Reinforced alot of what we'd done ourselves in class.'

on the Goldlilocks & Jack and the Beanstalk workshop - Karen Russsell - Cradle Hill Primary School, East Sussex

'The children were riveted!
Really enjoyed the hands-on aspect of it,

with alot of information fed through in a really interesting way.

Great questions were asked to the children. A great intro to the topic.'

on the Tudor Explorers workshop - Gemma Jones - Orchards Middle School, West Sussex

'We didn't want it to end!

You were really funny, and we all learnt something new.
It was great, and thank you again for coming - hope you defeat the Saxons!

on the Vikings workshop - Pupil - Southgate Primary School, Crawley

'Fun and educational!

All children fully engaged and joining in. Adults also enjoyed the many jokes!'

on the Samuel Pepys & Great fire Workshop - Lucy Duncalfe - Lindfield Primary School, West Sussex


 Samuel Pepys School Workshop Sussex

'A superbly stimulating performance!

Our children were captivated form the start to finish.
The energy of Samuel Pepys made the story so real for the children with excellent humour that our children could understand.
We have had the best writing we have ever had thanks to an excellent stimulus.'

on the Samuel Pepys & Great Fore Workshop  - Rosemary Rogers - Locks Heath Infants School, Hampshire

'Excellent! A thoroughly enjoyable show.
Good balance between fun/hands on and enhancing learning.
A good summary of the topics and worked covered.'

on the Knights & Castles workshop - Mrs Martin - St. Cecilia's Catholic School, Sutton|

'A great performance, encouraging an infectious enthusiasm
for this topic in a creative and stimulating way. Good cross-curricular links, complimented by fun and humour. Good entertainment for the teachers and children alike. The children particularly enjoyed being able to join in as members of the crew and were engaged and enthused throughout.'
on the Pirates workshop - Gemma Hayward - St John Meads CE Primary School, Eastbourne


 World War Two School Workshop Sussex