How much does a show cost?
Each show is charged at £230. WWI show charged at £300.
These are school rates only - please contact us for bespoke commercial rates.

 What area do you cover?

Creative Education UK are based in Mid Sussex in the South East of England. The main areas we cover are West Sussex; East Sussex; Surrey; East Hampshire; West Kent. We do travel to many schools outside of these areas but this generally requires either a two show minimum booking and/or additional travel costs - please contact us to discuss available options.
 Do you charge travel expenses? 
There is a 50 mile round trip travel allowance on all workshops. After that travel is charged at approximately £4.50 per 10 miles. Additional travel charges such as motorway tolls are also chargeable.

 What does the school need to provide?

- Performance Space: This will preferably be your school hall, or a similar such large space such as a theatre or studio. This must be safely accessible for the carrying of props and staging, and be for the sole use of Creative Education UK for the duration of the visit (including set-up and get-out times) OR a suitable sectioned off area must be provided before and after the show if school clubs or other activities are in the school hall at these times.

If the latter, please note that the entire performance space will need to be available to solely for Creative Education UK's use at least 30 minutes before the start of the show to enable sound checks, moving of staging etc.

Access to the performance space is required at least one hour before the show start time to enable set-up. Creative Education UK kindly request that any before school clubs for morning shows, or dinner ladies for afternoon shows be made aware of the need to access a clear area of the hall for set-up.

- Parking: A reserved parking space as close to the entrance to the performance area as possible.

- Furniture: Use of 2-3 school benches or 12-14 chairs, and 1-2 tables, for use during the show. The 'Pirates' show requires the use of 5 gym matts.

- Equipment: Safe access to plug sockets and use of electricity. For some shows the use of the school projector may be required - this will be discussed prior to the visit.

 How long are the shows?
Show lengths vary - all history shows run between 1 hour and 1 hour 25 minutes - these shows approximate running times are each shown on the list of History Shows page. All story shows run for approximately 1hr.

 How many children can be in the audience?
There is no maximum limit, however with the required audience participation a very large group  would mean less of a percentage of the children are involved 'on stage' - in these cases we would suggest booking more than one show. Due to audience participation a minimum of 20-30 children in an audience are required for most shows to be able to run effectively.

 Are all the children involved in the show?
the children are involved in songs and/or dances, and the nature of all the shows is very audience interactive throughout. Some children will be chosen to join the performer 'on stage' and become part of the action - this varies between 10-20 children per show.

 How many shows are possible in a day?
Two shows - this can be one the morning and one in the afternoon or two shows in the morning. Two shows in the morning is dependent on what shows are booked (some require more set-up time than others) and your school's timetable - please contact us to discuss. 

 What links do your shows have with the National Curriculum?
Most shows are based upon National Curriculum topics and subject areas of the history and literacy curriculum, with some of the story shows also suitable for special end of term or school year celebratory occasions for all.

 What about Health and Safety?
DBS - Performer holds a full enhanced DBS check - this is accessible online via the DBS update service - DBS certificate number is available on request.

Public Liability - Performer holds up to £10 million Public Liability Insurance. Available on request.

Equity - Performer is a full member of the actors and performers trade union Equity. 

Risk Assessment - All shows fully risk assessed. A copy of the Risk Assessment will be emailed to you at the time of your booking.

Child Safeguarding Policy - available on request.

 What time will you arrive at our school?
For a morning show I will usually arrive to set-up around 7.30/45am - if you can please ensure the school caretaker or office staff are made aware of this time so they can direct the performer to the car parking and performance spaces accordingly.

For an afternoon workshop I will usually arrive to set-up around 12.45/1pm depending on your school lunch time. 

 How long do you need to set-up and get-out?
Set-up: Takes around 30-60 minutes depending on the show.
Get-out: Around 30 minutes is required for get-out after the show.

 How do we pay you?
Payment is by cheque on the day of your visit or by BACS transfer the day before your visit. The school will be invoiced by email the week prior to the visit.

 What if we have to cancel?
If cancellation is made by the school not less than four weeks before the show date - no payment is required.

If cancellation is made by the school less than four weeks before the show date for any reason including force majeure (bad weather, heating breakdown etc) then the whole cost of the visit remains payable. In some circumstances it may be possible to reschedule but this depends on availability and lies at the discretion of Creative Education UK.

 What if Creative Education UK cancels?
Should for any reason Creative Education UK have to cancel, every effort will be made to reschedule the show and any monies already paid carried forward to the rearranged booking. If it is not possible to reschedule the show then any monies already paid will be fully refunded to the school.

 Can we take photographs or film your shows?
Whilst unobtrusive photography during shows is encouraged, Creative Education UK does not allow any form of filming during the shows unless agreed upon in advance - recording of some children marching for example would be allowed but not the filming of entire chunks of the show. No media is to be used for anything other than internal school educational purposes.

 What about supervision of the children during the show?
The school must ensure adequate adult supervision throughout the show, suitable for the number of children watching. Under no circumstances should the performer be left without any adult supervision from the school at any time before, during or after the show whilst pupils are still present.

 What about child behaviour management during the show?
Staff are requested to assist with discipline during a show if required. Creative Education UK reserve the right to stop the performance of a show should it be felt that pupil behaviour is impairing the performer's ability to perform.

 World War One and World War Two shows - notice 
 A smoke machine and strobe are used for small sections of both of these shows. Please make sure staff and pupil  are aware should these affect them on health grounds.