How much does a show cost?
School rates currently being revised for academic year 2018/19.
Please contact me for bespoke commercial rates.

 What area do you cover?

Creative Education UK are based in Mid Sussex in the South East of England. Areas covered are West Sussex; East Sussex; Surrey; East Hampshire; West Kent. I do travel to many schools outside of these areas but this requires either a two show minimum booking and/or additional travel costs.
 Do you charge travel expenses? 
There is a 50 mile round trip travel allowance on all workshops.
After that travel is charged at approximately £4.50 per 10 miles.

 What does the school need to provide?
- Adequate space for the school show(s); for most this will be the school hall or space 
of a similar size.
- Either 3 wooden benches or 12-14 chairs. A table.
- Access to a plug socket.
- A parking space onsite, and as close as possible to the performance space 
  NB: If off-site metered parking is the only parking option this will be added to the cost of the workshop(s)

 How long are the shows?
All show runs between 1 hour and 1 hour 25 minutes depending on which is booked. Approximate running times for each show are shown on the list of shows page.

 How many children can be in the audience?
There is no maximum limit, however with the required audience participation a very large group  would mean less of a percentage of the children are involved 'on stage' - in these cases I would  suggest booking more than one show. Due to audience participation a minimum of 12-15 children are required for most shows.

 How many shows in a day?
This will vary depending on your school timetable and your school's need to access to the performance  space throughout the day e.g for lunch set-up.  A maximum of three showss are possible depending upon these factors.

 What links do your showss have with the National Curriculum?
All shows are based upon National Curriculum topics and subject areas of the history and  literacy curriculum.

 What about Health and Safety?
I am fully DBS checked and carry Public Liability Insurance of £10 million. I am also a full member of the actors and performers union Equity and a member of the teaching union ATL. Copies of my DBS and Risk Assessment are available upon request.

 What time will you arrive at our school?
For a morning workshop I will usually arrive to set-up around 7.30/45. For an afternoon workshop I will usually arrive to set-up around 1pm. Set-up takes approximately 30-45 minutes.

 How do we pay you?
Payment is by cheque or BACS on the day of the school show(s). The school will be invoiced the week prior to the school visit.

 What if we have to cancel?
If cancellation is made 4 weeks prior to the show date, no payment is required. If cancellation is made less than 4 weeks before the show date either full payment must be made or the show re-booked on a mutually
suitable date.

 What if you cancel?
If in the unlikely event I have to cancel, no payment is required and I will endeavour to reschedule if you wish at a discounted charge.

 Do you bring props, costumes etc?
Yes. I b
ring everything that is required for the show ( apart from the benches or chairs and table as listed above).

 Can we take photographs or record your show?
e feel free to take photographs, however, please no video recording of the shows unless discussed with me firstly.

  Are teachers/TA's etc required to be in attendance?
It is essential that the school maintains the required teacher/child ratio for the children watching  the shows and that they are supervised at all times.

 What about child behaviour management?
ehaviour management of the school as stated above. The school must ensure staff are  present at all times throughout the shows. In the very unlikely event bad behaviour that  interferes with the show I would have no choice but to end the show - no refund would  be given ( please note this has only happened once in over twelve years!).