I established Creative Education UK in 2005 with an aim to fire the imagination, inspire creativity, and develop confidence and self-esteem in children and young people. Over 65,000 have since been engaged in and stimulated by Creative Education UK's energetic and inspirational approach.

I am passionate about creativity in education - by using our imagination, stepping outside of ourselves, whether that be through acting or performing, or learning how to develop and present a speech or talk to others. It is essential in developing compassion, encouraging us to be aware of the world around us, to make us feel more connected to one another, and to understand our emotions, ourselves and others better.

Creativity in education helps children, young people, and us all, express and cope with feelings, and stimulates our imagination to solve problems, work around and cope with difficult situations and new circumstances.

Whether it be learning through the fun and excitement of one of Creative Education UK's school history shows; laughing and learning as tales and legends are brought to life through the interactive theatre of Mr Dilly's World of Wonder; or encouraged and motivated by Creative Education UK's range of one-to-one communication skills, LAMDA or Trinity London lessons, Creative Education UK will be sure to inspire, educate and engage with boundless enthusiasm!

I look forward to hearing from you!

Marcus Dilly- Creative Education UK